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5 Types of Augmented Reality Companies

1) AR platforms

These companies create and develop platforms and advanced AR solutions. Some of these huge corporations produce their own AR products (Microsoft with HoloLens). In 2017 Google and Apple created ARKit and ARCore, so all other types of AR companies become their customers nowadays.

2) AR gamers

These companies develop their own AR content for gamers. Now there is a new trend of "markerless" AR applications. Pokemon Go largely popularized this idea of markerless AR. The main companies-gamers are Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, POPAR, Niantic, Sphero.

3) DIY AR companies

These companies create quick and simple AR experience: single videos or simple animation projects in AR. These companies produce the products which will suit all without custom and complex branded AR application development. It is a perfect niche for education, students, simple business presentations and other who want to test and create simple AR in an hour or less. Layar and Aurisma are these types of companies among many others.

4) Custom branded AR developers

These companies create unique custom AR applications working with brand marketers and agencies to build original and complex AR solutions for advertising campaigns, trade shows and big events. One-of-a-kind experience in AR includes branding specifications, unique navigation, user interfaces, animations, large-scale 3D animated complex effects in AR etc. Companies working in this sphere are Augment, Gravity Jack, AR Team.

5) Vertical AR solutions

These are the solutions for companies like IKEA, Anthropologie, Converse, Topology, Burberry etc. These are niche vertical companies in retail, medicine, manufacturing, home goods, cosmetics and fashion.

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