How Will AR Disrupt Your Industry? Discussion

Advantages of Augmented Real Estate and Construction Projects

1) Augmented Reality (AR) will save time

Augmented Reality (AR) can make the home showing process easier. Usually the clients and the agents spend more than 30% of their time just to show and to see the houses. With AR it is possible to give the experience of houses' show not wasting time for coming here or there and, moreover, you can show to your clients much more options and they can choose with bigger engagement and as a result with better involvement into your company and better reputation of your brand of real estate agent / company.

2) AR will start word-of-mouth marketing and will create higher sales.

This time, when AR is on its starting point, your potential buyers (clients) will get a unique experience they haven't had before. Word-of-mouth promotion is guaranteed! 3) Buyers will get better feel for a home Without going and looking for the houses with real estate agent, your clients can get much more information from AR experience and possibly will narrow their search to just a few options available on the market. Of course, the real show of the house will take place sometimes but it will be possible for the clients to make faster and better decisions and you as an agent / company will get faster and better deals and more loyal clients. Bigger sales and loyal clients - what else can approve the status and reputation of a real estate agent?

4) AR is a better and faster tool for leasing profs!

With AR some clients looking to rent a condo or a house will have an opportunity to make their choice faster and easier and for the real estate agent and leasing specialist it will save time and give more and faster money from rental agreements.

5) AR will reach your prospects from far away!

Especially if you sell houses in a luxury segment, your clients will have a new opportunity to see the property for sale through AR even when they are thousands miles away from this place! It is just another perfect way to reach your clients and make them feel comfortable with their decision making process and working / negotiating online from a big distance.

6) Great value of AR at the early stages of construction

Augmented reality provides great value for investors, developers, agents and final clients from the early stages of a construction project to the final selling and marketing activities when selling a property. Investors and developers will use AR technology to create life-like, interactive home models which accurately demonstrate construction or renovation plans in a way that photos and printed materials never match.

AR Team adds its unique advantages to the development of AR applications:

1) Personalized original scenarios of AR application for each client

2) Unique AR 3D models, especially for the particular investor, developer, real estate company or construction project.

3) Applications which can be developed further to reach different goals of the particular project.

Roman Elizarov

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