Augmented Real Estate Catalog by AR TEAM

Augmented Reality in real estate is an opportunity to engage your current and new clients and also to increase sales.

AR TEAM develops Augmented Reality (AR) products. We have a huge experience in AR production working with publishing, real estate, kids clothes companies and many others. Augmented Reality gives, at least, two benefits:

1) You engage your Clients when you add interactive content in Augmented Reality (3D models, video, audio, video in AR). It will perfectly work with your printed and electronic versions of ads / marketing materials!

2) You increase your sales as your self-presentation is unique in design and highly innovative with AR application and you add AR content to your printed materials / business cards / catalogs.

AR TEAM adds its unique advantages to the development of AR applications:

1. Personalized original scenarios of AR application for each client

2. Unique AR 3D models, especially for the particular investor, developer, real estate company or construction project.

3. Applications can be developed further to reach different goals of the particular project.

See a small example how AR can work for real estate agency in this video!

Roman Elizarov

Posted by Roman Elizarov

Co-Founder of AR Team

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