Augmented Reality Adds Value and Increases the Manufacturing Process Efficiency

In manufacturing, every new product requires a new set of assembly instructions. Before Augmented Reality, the work instructions tended to be PDF files or just printed books with many pages. And, for sure, they were hard for understanding!

What can AR add to this process? All these instructions, manuals can be implemented in AR! It can be hands-free! Put your AR glasses and just walk through the whole process to assemble any part of an automobile. It is a new and easy way which saves your time and, of course, money. In addition to the assistance with assembly of the products, AR can be used in a huge variety of maintenance work, including the inspections of sanitary systems and building electrical systems.

For example, elevator manufacturer Thyssen Krupp uses AR technology (Microsoft's HoloLens) in service operations. Service technicians visualize and identify problems with their elevators, they have remote access to technical information when on site. Moreover, as many experts say, the new servicemen can have a gap in skills and knowledge, but AR technology can be extremely helpful to supplement your employees' knowledge with engineering expertise delivered via telepresence.

And, again, reading is not the best way to study, after all! People need some other additional source of studying and engagement. Google conducted research and confirmed that people learn faster when they use AR, MR and VR technologies. One group of people watched a video on YouTube and the other was trained using virtual, mixed and augmented reality technologies. The second group was able to cook coffee more quickly than the first. All such experiments confirm the advantages of innovation in AR for the manufacturing!

Roman Elizarov

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