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Augmented Reality in Education

AR changes the way that students interact with their world and, in turn, the way they learn their subject content. The main goal of AR in education is to "augment" reality and teach students more about what they see and how to see it. Teachers who already work with AR look forward to the day when they can share and be inspired by resources and 3D images created by other teachers and their students.

Benefits of AR in education:

1) Books integrated with AR technology can be used in a learning process. Students simply need application on their smartphones to bring the images of the books to life!

2) Making markers which serve as triggers to display AR content on / over the surface. By having custom content teachers can be sure that AR is directly linked with the lesson topics.

3) In the future the class trips to the museums or theaters will become much more informative when AR features will be added to their exhibits and will replace the guided audio and video tours.

Roman Elizarov

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