Augmented Reality Will Increase Sales of Printed Books

Augmented Reality Will Increase Sales of Printed Books

Our company EMILY RISE moved to the US and created AR TEAM in Chicago. And the main points to start were to implement AR to the books, reading and learning process. Why does it work and what are the main benefits for the users? Here I ask co-founder Luba her opinion about AR for books and publishing companies.

- Luba, why do you think AR can be implemented in books publishing?

- You know, 25% of students in American schools mostly do not read and prefer digital context. Moreover, only 38% of 4th graders and 19% of 8th graders report reading on their own time. The whole world now moves from reading to other sorts of information consumerism, and here is the benefit for the publishers: they can reach this new generation through the books with AR and engage them into creative process. In accordance with the last World Economic Forum Report, creativity is listed as one of the top skills necessary for the workforce by 2020, and AR is one of the key to it.

- You think that children can become more creative with the help of AR. But why do they still need to read books after all?

- I think they feel the difference between exploring new technologies and just reading the books. It is just more fun for them to explore VR and AR, but if he or she reads a book, let us say, about Harry Potter and can see him at the same time in AR, it gives the reader just more motivation to read the whole story! It is just a new and very creative way to learn things about the real world.

- Do you want to create and publish books with AR?

- No, we work now as a service company and help publishers to create the AR applications for their books. It is a broader understanding of our mission to increase the literacy and creativity for the new generations. And we have many cases how it works. AR TEAM has already accomplished such projects for the book publishers in Russia and Spain (encyclopedias and notebooks with AR applications).

- Do you think that books with AR can be only children-focused?

- No, I started only from the biggest opportunity, because the new generation is more innovative, but at the same time millenials and baby-boomers can benefit much from these books. For example, the cooking book with AR is a perfect way to start cooking for the adults! And it is a new way of reading and doing things while reading! It is just a new life style!

- So, AR can become a new start for publishing companies.

- For sure! New technologies can bring characters and illustrations from the books to life in Augmented Reality, and this mix of old-fashioned printed book and modern technology will boost sales of this absolutely new product which is oriented on the broader and, in some cases, brand new audience. 

Roman Elizarov

Posted by Roman Elizarov

Co-Founder of AR Team

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