Restaurants, Go Augmented!

Restaurants, Go Augmented!

Augmented Reality (AR) is still on the way to increase the engagement of customers, entertaining them and increasing their brand-awareness. Nowadays there are so many ideas how to increase the Clients' base and to boost sales in restaurant business using AR.

Here are a few AR (Augmented Reality) ideas of Clients' engagement and entertaining for the restaurants:

1. AR application can be a game which can educate the guests of restaurant about how the food is being cooked and give them rewards for completing the levels of the game.

2. It can become a travel-themed AR (Augmented Reality) game, when the user can point his/her phone in a certain location, and it will show him/her the restaurants in the close locations, their menu, cooking process, some video and text reviews about restaurants. Moreover, it can become a geo-located game for the foreigners / tourists when they, like in Pokemon Go, can walk in some direction and collect stamps in different nice places, get rewards / discounts / special gifts and thus increase amount of money they spend on different things and events, including mostly food, drinks and presents.

3. Restaurants can use AR (Augmented Reality) in their menu and provide users with perfect 3D visualizations of different dishes and drinks to increase sales, it can also include calories, ingredients, video of cooking process etc.

4. AR (Augmented Reality) can be used as additional activities for kids while the whole family waits for the order. For example, children in different restaurants of one chain can play with each other through AR.

5. Coloring books for children when they can add any color to the B & W image in AR (Augmented Reality) application.

6. AR (Augmented Reality) can add life to the drinks people order! For example, you can have some image on the bottle or glass, which will start speaking with you through AR application!

Roman Elizarov

Posted by Roman Elizarov

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