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The Restaurants Get The Biggest Benefits in 2018 with Augmented Reality

I imagine a usual weekend when people walking down the street in the downtown or on the pier trying to choose where to stop and what restaurant to visit. There are so many ways to make the choice… But how to make the right choice? To see the reviews on the Internet or to see the menu and to find something really awesome… Both of these features can be presented in Augmented Reality.

In 2018 restaurant marketing will be even more exciting and sophisticated with the use of Augmented Reality technology. The early adopters get the most of this technology. First of all, their novelty gives them free publicity in the form of media mentions, "word of mouth", viral exposure in the blogs and posts in social media. The long-term advantage is that these organizations create real brands, and brand awareness through Augmented Reality cannot be underestimated.

For any business AR experience has 3 huge advantages over virtual reality:

1. a lower cost to develop

2. a lower cost to deploy (using your customers’ hardware – smartphones).

3. quick start (in many cases, your product is probably already digitized, and you can reuse web assets you already have and just deploy them in AR).

Let us see the examples of Augmented Reality marketing products for the restaurants which already exist in this world:

1) AR Bar and Restaurant Guide

This topic is not new. There is TIME OUT NEW YORK BAR GUIDE and FAST FOOD REALITY. But, anyway, the topic is so huge! For your city, community, neighborhood or district it will have an enormous marketing advantage. Be the first to make your own bar guide and let your Clients and potential Clients see the events, the prices, the promotions in different restaurants and bars! It will be especially popular for big cities, like Chicago, of course.

2) AR Menus

What is the most interesting thing for me is when I seat in the restaurant and try to figure out what these words in Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese mean I just do not know what to order and how to eat this! Many people do not really understand the menu and they need to get the information: what are the ingredients, how is it cooked, is it spicy or not, nutritional information, the image of the item, etc. Just to read the English words or have a possibility to translate and read in different languages can be very helpful! And here are some ideas for AR Menu. What can be the content of this Augmented Menu? Let me give some small ideas, ingredients of Menu:

1. each item with all its ingredients

2. the introduction by chef

3. the reviews are written or read by people (these can be audio, video and photo reviews)

4. advice and tips for vegetarians and meat-lovers

5. advice and information about calories

6. the origins of cuisine, the story behind the cooking process

7. the cooking process on the video (maybe, with some sort of cooking secrets?)

8. even the chef’s cookbook and the restaurant history!

I have no doubt, that all these elements must engage Clients and increase the profits of the restaurant!

3) The Products' Origin

It is very popular now to eat green food. When you know who made this food and what were the process, the ingredients, and the other factors, it can be very helpful when you chose what to eat for the lunch! It works for restaurants and for grocery stores as well. I think it must work for wines, beers and even tea and coffee brands! Sometimes this information is just necessary for us!

4) Augmented Holidays

Starbucks was a pioneer to use AR application which shows red-nosed reindeer Rudolph or Santa Claus, Charlie Brown or Frosty, sledding polar bears Christmas tree and more when the camera catches the target on Starbucks’ coffee cups. In Starbucks, they call them "cartoon cups". People talk and make posts about them everywhere! Don’t you want to entertain your Clients?

5) The Art Behind the Food or Drink

Here is a fantastic example from May 2017 - the launch of AR application called Mirage by City Social, the restaurant in London. Upon selecting one of the 12 new drinks, guests will be presented with a cocktail that initially appears like any other. However, once the app is pointed in the direction of the drink, the augmented reality technology comes into play, transforming the guest’s perception of the cocktail. Mirage immerses the Client in a world of Art where tasting cocktails are mixed with studying of Van Gogh or Malevich genius.


The number of ideas and ways to create beautiful, engaging, popular and viral Augmented Reality applications for your restaurant business is countless nowadays! AR TEAM can be your little helper on the road!

Roman Elizarov

Posted by Roman Elizarov

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