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Business Cards with Augmented Reality

Your Business Card With Augmented Reality.

Some people think that the efficiency of business cards is in the past. It can be this way for usual printed cards, but with Augmented Reality (AR) your business card gets a new life and gives you many new contacts in the business world.

How can you use AR for your business cards (and other marketing materials)?

1) You can introduce 3D model of your products, services and make presentations for your Clients and Partners with the help of AR.

2) Your AR business card can be linked with your catalog, and you can make a show for your Clients and Partners in AR application.

3) Business Card with AR can introduce yourself in a unique way: it can be your video presentation, slideshow, or even a 3D model of you and your products, which come to life in AR application.

AR Team has a lot of 3D models of products, buildings, objects, humans, processes, which can be used in your business and applied to Augmented Reality Business Cards.

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      • REGION: Worldwide
      • DATE: Coming soon