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Christmas Card with Augmented Reality

The most wonderful holiday is knocking at your door. May the magic and the thrill of the holiday season stretch on. This is the time of year when all people show their friends and relatives that they care and love them.

Let's surprise them and give an amazing augmented reality greeting card! Our app brings static greeting card to life when 3D Santa Claus wishes your family and friends Merry Christmas! And also you can take and share a photo with 3D Santa Claus.


or your can



- All the characters of the book come to life in AR

- The user is able to take a photo with your favorite characters

- There is a special original music which accompanies all the animations

- There are 10 models of dinosaurs and 10 (!) scenarios!

- All animated characters can interact with each other

First example: A user can visualize three 3D models: a human, a house and a dinosaur. The smallest is human (a man). He stands closer to the user. The biggest is dinosaur. He stands on the background and visually it is 10 times bigger. A user can compare the sizes. And in 3 minutes a message on the screen appears: "Great! Now you know the real size of apatosaur".

Second example: A user can visualize a dinosaur's reactions to the commands to move in some direction and to eat fern.

Third example: A user can thoroughly investigate the 3D model of a dinosaur's skeleton.

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      • RATE: -
      • INSTALLS: >1,000
      • REGION: Worldwide
      • DATE: December, 2017