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Encyclopedia of Tanks with Augmented Reality

This is not just another encyclopedia, it is a great book with Augmented Reality which gives an opportunity to play the 3D games while reading.

You can see the videos, the 3D models of illustrated objects and you can play with them.

How can you start playing and using Augmented Reality?

Just take smartphone or iPhone, install free mobile app, focus phone camera on the picture and enjoy the new world of Augmented Reality on the pages of this wonderful book. You will drive tanks and other machines, you can fire, fight and hit the enemy targets.


- All the objects of the book come to life in AR

- The user is able to take a photo with your favorite objects

- There is a special original music which accompanies all the animations

- There are 10 models of tanks and 10 (!) scenarios!

- All animated objects can interact with each other

First option: Drive the tank with joystick.

Second option: Shoot the targets.

Third option: Fight with the enemies' tanks (racing and shooting).

  • Product details

      • RATE: 4
      • INSTALLS: > 10,000
      • REGION: Russia
      • DATE: June, 2017