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Inspire children to play, read and learn using the Augmented Reality technology.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We would like to present you our project called EMILY RISE.

The most part of children like to play and watch video on smartphones! And they are not motivated to read!

Moreover, 25% of children in fourth grade can not read. This is the situation in the most powerful economy in the world! It is a biggest problem of the world.

In America, the first steps are done, and they are excellent: free libraries, catalogs of literature, the enormous quantity of non-commercial organizations working in this sphere…

Resources for readers are more than enough, but still there is a lack of young readers. How to motivate children to take the books and read? For them it is much easier to watch TV or play with smartphone.

We can conclude that there is no easy way to involve children to read and learn. Books are everywhere, but there is no motivation to read!

Augmented Reality by EMILY RISE is the high-end technology project with the mission to inspire children to play, read and learn. We understand, that new information technologies (mobile applications and games, new gadgets and smartphones) are used by the children more frequently than books, and we want the newest information technologies serve the society to motivate young readers, increase their knowledge and create the conditions for future success of new generations.

Augmented Reality is the best technology to achieve these goals!

This project can change the world, because our objective is to inspire child of any nation, gender or race to read and learn from reading, and to develop!

Smartphones are used everywhere! Children in America and in Russia, in China and Australia use them. And Augmented Reality is the best technology for learning and inspiration nowadays!

Dobrynya Nikitich is the most popular bogatyr (knight) from the East European folklore based on a real warlord Dobrynya.

One fairy tale says that Dobrynya fought the dragon Zmei Gorinich for three days and finally killed him.

Our Augmented Reality based on this fairy tale engage a child to learn and read the story and to give the right answers to the questions asked by fairy tale heroes. It is so exciting to play the game, read the story, and listen audio books!

1) you pick up t-shirt / longsleeve / book / puzzle / bag / mug “Zmei Gorinich”;

2) download the mobile application EMILY RISE in Google Play / Apple Store;

3) focus your mobile phone camera on the print on the t-shirt / longsleeve / etc. and start communication with the real mighty warrior Dobrynya Nikitich who asks your kid different interesting questions and tasks;

4) you make selfie / photo of your child together with the famous fairy tale hero at home, on a walk, during your trip to the cities and foreign countries as a result of successfully completed tasks;

5) you and your kids will be pleased by the photographs with the mighty warrior from fairy tales for many years


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      • RATE: 5
      • INSTALLS: 2,000+
      • REGION: Russia
      • DATE: August, 2016