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Kids Magazine with Augmented Reality

In this project Augmented Reality is combined with children's magazine "Neznayka" and newspaper "Neposeda". Now children can watch interesting videos, play 3D characters, see beautiful pictures in Augmented Reality.

The content for the magazine and newspaper is being prepared every month by AR TEAM. So, the user can see many new features with AR application with every new publication.

Among other possibilities, 50,000+ subscribers can make videobooks, assemble the 3D Zoo, bring the funny toy to life and watch cartoons right on the pages of the magazine or newspaper with the help of smartphone or iPhone.


- All characters of the magazine come to life in AR

- The user is able to take a photo with favorite objects / characters

- There is a special original music which accompanies all the animations

- There are a lot of different characters which change their features with every new publication

- All animated objects are live, they can interact with each other and with the user

- Some characters (animals) have augmented video the user can watch with AR application

  • Product details

      • RATE: 4.2
      • INSTALLS: 250,000 +
      • REGION: Russia
      • DATE: December, 2017