We create solutions for business using Augmented Reality Technologies. Build your dream and make it real with us.

Books Publishing

Our AR applications overlay 3D content on top of book pages, enhance regular 2D books with interactive visualizations, animations, 3D graphics and audio. The purpose of adding such features is to enrich the reading experience and, moreover, to let him interact with the AR objects.


The usage of AR technologies turns the learning process into a unique experience, changes the whole educational system, providing necessary practical skills. Some students can already explore astronomical objects and structure of the human body, as well as even undertake chemical experiments in real time.


Nowadays we see the rapid change within the restaurant industry. The Clients are different, and their expectations become more and more demanding and sophisticated year after year! For many restaurants the main problem is how to be the best in their image, reputation, and how to engage deeper with their Clients! Augmented Reality can be used to achieve these goals, if successfully implemented in menu visualization and restaurant advertisement both inside and outside. The best way is to present your menu to your Clients in 3D, enabling them to make informed food choices, ensuring their expectations are met or exceeded.


AR will accelerate the building processes at the factory. Project managers monitor work progress in real time through AR markers on equipment. It saves time and money by using digital maps. Pointing a device into location shows how the piece of a machine will fit the final construction.

Travel and Tourism

GPS mobile apps with AR can show tourist routes and directions to desirable destinations, translate the signs on the street, give information about sightseeing. Adding a layer of Augmented Reality gives the user an unforgettable cultural experience.


50% of people use their phones when shopping. Moreover, 1/3 of them use AR benefits in stores. All retail business should think how to engage Clients and how to lower their costs. Augmented reality brings any picture, product label and shop window to life. Customers see brands and products in a new way. Augmented Reality provides advantages both in-store and through online retail.

Real Estate

Augmented Reality in real estate is an opportunity to see a 3D model of the project, take a walk inside the building and even develop an interior design.


In the nearest future Augmented Reality will replace architectural drawings and will allow architects to interact with a material object by superimposing AR models on it.


AR in the field of healthcare leads to global positive changes and expansion of medicine possibilities in the nearest future. It will be used in training, exploration of internal organs of a human, monitoring the effects of medical or surgical treatment, etc.