• Kids Magazine with Augmented Reality
  • Encyclopedia of Tanks with Augmented Reality
  • Danone Yogurts' with Augmented Reality
  • BelRuPacking - catalog with Augmented Reality
  • Inspire children to play, read and learn using the Augmented Reality technology.


Our company is deeply engaged into Augmented Reality development process. Best practices and successful work since 2011 are the best proof of our professional excellence.

We have a huge experience working with publishing companies and producing AR applications for books, kids magazines and newspapers creating a lot of new scenarios every two weeks with the goal to engage young children into reading and learning process. AR Team also develops applications for encyclopedias with the educational purposes.

In B2B we work with many companies with the sound results increasing their brand awareness, creating unique promo materials for exhibitions and in sales spots and increasing sales of their products. We have developed AR applications, which are downloaded / installed more than 120,000 times.

And we create many unique AR applications for people being pioneers in different ways. For example, our application with the name "Denomination" became No. 1 in Google Play in July 2016. And in 2016 we created first AR application for Russian clothing company which worked with prints and embroidery images..